Kitchen Remodel

Lesher Kitchen


It was important that the use of the kitchen area met the specific needs of the family.  They enjoy watching TV while eating, so that was a priority when developing the design. A large island was added for meals, prep and entertaining. But most importantly it was positioned with a new TV in mind. Since it was going to be used often, a durable quartz countertop was installed, and for design contrasting colors were included.

Organization was a priority, so the pantry was reimagined and pull out storage was added in the island itself.

Our latest project found us transforming an old kitchen.  The homeowners had several goals, including opening up the space to the attached sunroom and solving traffic problems created by the existing layout.  Beyond that they were looking for an updated look, storage options, better countertops and new appliances.

Radway Bathroom and Kitchen

Genovese Kitchen Addition

Campbell Kitchen

Bernhardt Residence

NARI Bucks Mont 2016 CotY submission for a residential addition

The renovation of this 1952 home nestled next to a large woodland nature preserve came with four major objectives.

Sunshine Goal:  To open up the south-eastern side wall and south-western front wall with a series of seven custom geometric windows moving from the kitchen through to living room,  accessing the sunlight that travels across the home from sunrise until sundown.

Rogers Residence

These photos of the Rogers Residence represent three projects completed over a span of about eight years. Initially, we converted an unused attic storage space to a large playroom for the grandchildren. The addition of a large rear dormer, overlooking the original deck, gave the attic the light and open feeling that makes the room inviting for the children.

Years later, when we remodeled the kitchen (featuring maple cabinetry and solid surface counters) we added a whole wall of cabinets with an accommodation for just the right sized table to retain the eat-in feature.

J Hyatt Residence

The Hyatt’s came to us looking for an elegant kitchen, open to the outdoor light. We began by removing the cabinets hanging above the cooking peninsula, removing their barrier to the morning sun. Next we added a raised bar to the peninsula which serves a dual function as a serving counter for their breakfast nook, or a bar for entertaining guests on stool seating.

G Hyatt Residence

A brighter, more welcoming kitchen, as well as the addition of an office nook, were the two upgrades the Hyatt’s came to us looking for. Their 60s era kitchen had a combination of drab wood and sterile white cabinets and their kitchens unusual length presented challenges and possibilities.

Horner Residence

The Horner family’s tiny kitchen and basement needed a change and they contacted us to see if we could turn their architect’s plans for them into a reality. The plans involved building a multi-use addition over a full basement, as well as convenient stair access to it.