Bernhardt Residence

NARI Bucks Mont 2016 CotY submission for a residential addition

The renovation of this 1952 home nestled next to a large woodland nature preserve came with four major objectives.

Sunshine Goal:  To open up the south-eastern side wall and south-western front wall with a series of seven custom geometric windows moving from the kitchen through to living room,  accessing the sunlight that travels across the home from sunrise until sundown.

Sound Goal:  To remove the ordinary flat ceiling and raise the ceiling to the roofline across the entire space, creating one large vaulted space that moves from the living room entry to music room to kitchen ­ creating a feeling of larger overall dimension, uplift and light, while creating a powerfully resonant sound space for two musicians and singers.

Space Goal:  To enlarge the inadequate kitchen by building a small addition (12'9" x 4'9") to make all kitchen activity easier and to make entertaining possible with fewer limitations.  A more open, flow-through sensation in the overall area is created by removing a series of blocking, partial walls that were part of the original construction.

Materials Goal:  To emphasize Light, Space and Nature itself, to let these elements organically do their job- and to enhance their interplay with the construction shapes by using a combination of glass, metal, and sea-inspired-mosaic applications. Throughout the new open floorplan, the sensation of uplift is felt.

The result:  A transformed jewel