Odhner Home Remodel

The homeowners, being empty nesters, were ready for a little luxury in their day to day life.  Since this house has been in their family for quite some time, and it is in a great location, they decided they wanted to stay put and add some upgrades to their home.  The homeowner grew up in the house, married and raised his children there.  There are a lot of good memories in the house that they want to continue building on.

The main desire was a Master Bedroom Suite, complete with a Master Bathroom and lots of closet space.  They also wanted a more appealing and spacious entry to their home.  The Master Bedroom suite took the form of a second floor addition.  The entry / foyer, repurposed the homeowner’s tiny room he had as a child.  There were some structural issues that needed to be overcome, which we viewed as just another solution waiting to happen   …and it did.

Photos by Bob Graham Jr.